Whether it is used for making delicious cremes, or as an alternative to cream: Our plant-based nøgg Whipping Creme is not only versatile in use; with its fine vanilla note, its taste also convinces. The creme is easy to prepare in next to no time, has a nice texture and a high whipping volume. The excellent texture stability and the best freezing and thawing properties also make our nøgg Whipped Creme a high-quality, delicious alternative that simply satisfies the needs of the current zeitgeist, and the increasing nutritional awareness of a new target group.

Your advantages at a glance

  • plant-based (vegan)

  • simple and versatile – as a base for various treats and as a perfect cream alternative 

  • absolutely failproof – prepared in next to no time 

  • fine flavour, with a delicate hint of vanilla 

  • high whipping volume, with a fine texture 

  • freeze- and thaw-stable 

  • excellent texture stability 


(The preparation time always depends on the type of cooking appliance used and its heat output.)

Basic recipe:
Mix 300g nøgg Whipping Creme Powder, 150g icing sugar and 900ml cold water
for 1 minute at low speed and whip at the highest speed with a fine whisk for 5 to 6 minutes.
After whipping, the creme can be processed immediately. 

The creme‘s sweetness can be adjusted, by adding icing sugar according to taste.  

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Nutritional values

(Average nutritional value per 100g)

Article description Enery Fat of which saturated fats Carbohydrates of which sugar Protein Salt
nøgg whipping creme powder 2442kJ/587 kcal 41 g 39 g 49 g 5,1 g 4,2 g 0,27 g

Technical data

(Excerpt from our product range. Additional articles available on request.)

Article description Packaging type Content Units/Sales unit Sales units/Layer Sales units/Pallet Best before date
nøgg Whipping Creme Powder Box 10 kg 1 12 60 12 months

Store in a cool and dry place!


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As a base for various treats and as the perfect cream alternative: discover the wide variety of delicious preparation ideas for nøgg Whipping Creme and simply inspire your guests.



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