Company data
in accordance with Article 5 of the German telecommunications act

Company name
EIPRO-Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG

Company headquarters
Gewerbering 20 · D-49393 Lohne
Postfach 1404 · D-49381 Lohne
Tel. +49 (0)44 42/9 45-1
Fax +49 (0)44 42/9 45-4 00 ·

Wolfgang Stromann
Dieter Böckmann

Limited commercial partnership
Oldenburg district court
Commercial register no. HRA 110302

Full partner
EIPRO-Vermarktung GmbH
Oldenburg district court
Commercial register no. HRB 110131

VAT ID number
DE 117769197

Design und Realisation
KAAPKE Marken im Mittelstand

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